A bomb goes off in a watch maker’s shop.

The whole building is engulfed in the explosion.

After the rubble clears, the fire is put out, and the smoke dissipates, the man who owns the shop is surprised to find that the explosion has left behind a perfectly functioning watch.

That doesn’t happen. That would never happen. No matter how many bombs, no matter how many explosions, no matter how many watchmaker shops, no matter how many parts and pieces, the explosion will never produce a watch. It simply can’t. Chaos can never produce order. The only thing chaos can produce is more chaos, which eventually leads to death as energy dissipates and it all goes cold.

Talk to anyone who knows anything about explosions, which could be anyone. Whether it be on TV, a movie, a book, a video game, or personal experience; explosions cause chaos. A plane hitting a building does not improve the building or the plane. A grenade exploding does not improve the human or the surrounding area. A nuclear bomb exploding does not improve the soil or the city. A firecracker does not improve the ground or the firecracker itself. Every explosion only destroys, it does not build, and that is just the nature of such a violent release of energy.

Now, this explosion can be controlled to a certain degree. Think of fireworks and grenades for example. A firework’s explosion can be controlled to an extent so that it makes a cool shape or design. However, that explosion will never create more fireworks or really anything with design. All it leaves behind is a charred carcass, something that existed before the explosion.

As for grenades, they are specifically designed and created so that when they explode they will have increased killing potential. This is why they have the indents or weak points in the metal. Those weak points give first, allowing the thicker, sharper metal shrapnel to fire off in every direction and do the most damage to whatever it hits. However, which shard goes where, and how fast, can’t be controlled, nor can the grenade create something other than chaos.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the necessary ingredients to make a watch. Once that bomb goes off, order will not occur. Chaos will occur, and the watch will never be made, only destroyed. That is just common sense.

And yet…

Ask most anyone how everything was created, and they will tell you an explosion. They will say that the most intricate, involved, ordered, expansive, organized thing to ever exist (the universe) was created from an explosion that had no ingredients.

An explosion involving nothing (which can’t happen) occurred making nothing into something (explosions can’t do that) and then that explosion from nothing (an impossibility) created an ordered system (nuh uh) that could create life (another impossibility). Do you see something wrong with that?

The Second Law of Thermodynamics (entropy), the Law of Biogenesis (only life can create life), and the fact that intelligence begets intelligence; the basic laws of the universe are ignored or cast aside (which is bad science) to allow people to believe something so scientifically impossible (not to mention improbable) so that they can avoid having to acknowledge a Creator.

The Big Bang isn’t possible. Scientifically, logically, any way you look at it, there is no sense in the Big Bang Theory. That leaves you with a Creator that you have to deal with. But what would this Creator be like?

Well, It must be just, or we would have no concept of “right” and “wrong”. Right and wrong simply wouldn’t be if the Creator were not just. You say, “but wait, there is no right and wrong”. Yet when you get cheated out of something, you sue. When you get what you consider “fair” or “equal” (which just proves a “right/wrong” existence) you are fine. When someone kills your family member, that is wrong. When someone rapes a human being, that is wrong. To say it is neither right or wrong is to condone rape, murder, extermination, torture, slavery, and the whole litany of abominations because they are neutral, therefore they can be done.

It must be intelligent, or else we wouldn’t be. Intelligence can only come from intelligence. Intelligence can’t be produced from something without intelligence. Nothing can only do what it is: nothing. Since this is the Creator, and there is intelligence, It must be omniscient (all-knowing).

It must be Something outside of the universe. An artist is not in his painting. A sculptor is not in his statue. A carpenter is not in the wood. An architect is not in his walls. So, the Creator must be outside of our universe. Our universe consists of matter, time, energy, and space. Therefore, this Creator must be outside of time, matter, energy, and space. This means It is eternal (outside of time), all-present/omnipresent (outside of space), and omnipotent/all-powerful (outside of matter and energy).

It must care. It designed everything from the biggest, hottest, most volatile star and galaxy to the minute details of the caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. It designed the human body to function as it does. Every function of every living thing, every law of physics, every wonder of science and discovery of science, every single detail It created.

It must be like us. We must be similar to it in how we are. It made us the top of the food chain, gave us intelligence far exceeding our animal contemporaries, and gave us the capacity to create and do. Why do we get the special treatment? The same reason you prefer your children over some other person’s child: because we are the closest thing to It that It has created.

It must be spirit and physical. We as humans are physical and spirit. We have a physical, corporeal body that we use everyday. We also have a spirit. A “guide” for right and wrong. An inner voice that gives the best guidance it can. This friend (or foe, to some) is your conscience. And everyone has, at some point, gone to bed wondering about eternity. Why would we do that if we were just a fleshly body that would become compost? Because we are concerned about where our spirit will end up.

It must have emotions, or else we would be incapable of them. Love, Anger, Joy, Sadness, Happiness, Jealousy, It must possess them in some way or we wouldn’t have them. We would not be able to feel if the Creator could not.

It must have a will. We do. We decide what to do, how to speak, who to talk to, what to wear, what to eat, who we hate, who we love, what we think, etc. We don’t just mindlessly obey some instinct or some impulse (though many live that way) with no control over our actions. We decide what to do, and are therefore held accountable. To say otherwise condones the most evil, vile, repulsive things humans have done to each other.

Lastly, It must still be involved in its creation. Otherwise, we’d have fallen apart long ago. A wall only lasts as long as it is cared for. A painting only lasts if it is preserved. A house only stands as long as it is maintained. The same goes for the universe. The only one able to do that would be the One who created it, the Creator.

This Creator is just, intelligent, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, caring, similar to us, spirit, physical, emotional, have a will, and still be involved in every aspect of the universe. All of that is just based on observations from the world around us and deductive reasoning. I could say more and more about this Creator if I wanted, just by using the world around us, but I don’t need to. I’ve made my point.



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