While watching a well-known show,¬† a woman came on who could no longer hear. This woman would then go on to sing so beautifully, and so fully, it was as though she could hear every note. It was a truly moving performance, showing how one can overcome hardships and obstacles with some determination and support.... Continue Reading →


The Saddest Word

What's the saddest word you can think of? I don't mean "sad" or "depressed". I mean the saddest word. The word with the saddest connotation you can muster. Take your time, and actually think about this. To some, it is "oppression", "alone", "missing", "regret", "would've", "sorry", "pain", or whatever other word you may have come... Continue Reading →

Final Words

The last words someone ever says tend to have added weight and importance. What a person says at the end of their life, whether young or old, tend to be the full culmination of the wisdom they've gathered. They can be reconciliatory, encouraging, hopeful, regretful, revelatory, fearful. They also say a lot about a person,... Continue Reading →

An Apology

Most people, at some point in their childhood, have said "sorry" with the wrong motive. You know exactly what I mean: that time you said sorry to a sibling or friend because your mother forced you to, not because you were actually sorry. You just said it so that further punishment was not handed down.... Continue Reading →


A bomb goes off in a watch maker's shop. The whole building is engulfed in the explosion. After the rubble clears, the fire is put out, and the smoke dissipates, the man who owns the shop is surprised to find that the explosion has left behind a perfectly functioning watch. That doesn't happen. That would... Continue Reading →


Think of the worst thing you have ever done. Take your time, and wade through those repressed memories. I can wait. Do you have it in your mind? Good. Now, think of the second worst thing you've ever done. Same as before. Hold these two memories there, and go to the third worst thing you've... Continue Reading →

Come One, Come All

You know what's fair? Death. Death is fair. Death has no problem with you being poor or rich. Death makes no qualms about your sexual identity. Death doesn't give a rip about your gender. Death couldn't care less about your skin color. Death has no issue with how old you are. Death simply does its... Continue Reading →

“L” Word

Love. Lust. Two of the strongest emotions the human heart can create. Both have various definitions and connotations. A person can love pizza and love their wife. A person can love a movie and love their child. A person can love warm weather and love their pet. A person can lust after another person in... Continue Reading →

A Choice

Anger, Rage, Bitterness, Jealousy, Happiness, Excitement, Anticipation, Sadness, Depression, Love, Lust, Disgust, Hopelessness, Anxiety,¬†Annoyance, Seriousness, Silliness, Sympathy, Empathy, Courage, Cowardice, and many, many more. These are your emotions at some point in time. Some stay longer, some are felt stronger, some are more common, and some switch at the drop of hat in your life.... Continue Reading →

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